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Business Since it was founded in Dec. 1991, ISA has grown into one of total logistics company



United Africa Feeder Line, UAFL

was founded in 2000 as a regional feeder service in Africa
In just 7 years, UAFL has become a leading regional carrier within the Indian Ocean.
It has amassed a large network of close ties and relationships with prominent
local, regional and international carriers and operates fortnightly services
from the East Coast of Africa, Mauritius and the Island of Reunion to the Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar,
Mozambique and South Africa, The groups successful breakthrough in 2003 established a 10 year
concession over cargo handing in the Island of Anjouan in the Port of Mutsamudu
which established itself as UAFL’s key transshipment hub in the region handing
containers to and from the Far East, Europe and the Gulf, the Indian Subcontinent, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar,
Mozambique and South Africa, UAFL is founded on innovation and client demands and contiues to explore areas
for expansion to support regional growth

Service route

Four Key trade lanes enable UAFL to provide fortnightly frequency direct to and
from ports along the eastern coast of sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands
with access to international trade lanes, summarized as follows :
Middle East and Indian subcontinent service
linking the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Subcontinent with
the Indian Ocean Islands and East Africa
Indian Ocean Islands service
linking Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and the Comoros
with the Far East, Europe and Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.
South Africa and Islands service
linking South Africa, Madagascar, the Comoros and East Africa
South Africa and Mozambique service
provides extensive coverage of the coast of Mozambique made possible with UAFL’s
cabotage license allowing for the movement of intra Mozambican cargo movements up
and down the coast.